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Images of Helmsley and the surrounding villages and hamlets

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HA07459 Helmsley Methodist School - 1973David Bentley, Graham Scurr, Robert Carpenter, David Teasdale
Louise Nicholson, Louise Otterburn, Mr Law, Susan Waines, Janet Bowes
HA07460 Helmsley Methodist School - 1973David Richardson, Andrew Medd, David Grice, Trevor Potter, David Teasdale, Graham Scurr, Robert Carpenter, David Bentley, Nicholas Leete
Janet Bowes, Elizabeth Shannon, Janette Redhead, Tracey Dunning, Mr Law, Susan Waines, Louise Otterburn, Louise Nicholson, Shirley Wilson
HA07461 Helmsley Methodist School - 1973Paul Deaves, Adrian Theobold, David Waines, Michael Dodsworth, Mr Law
Timothy Otterburn, Andrew Leckenby, Martin Marshall, Peter Dowkes, Mark Pinder, Paul Bean, Andrew Ventress
Sheila Pyle, Jennifer Austin, Catherine Wray, Yvonne Wilson, Daphne Scurr, Maire Wilson, Anne Thompson, Mandy Smith, Jane Wallinger
HA07462 Helmsley Methodist School - 1973Mr Law,Mrs Watson,Pindar,Marshall,Medd,Grice,Teasdale,Scurr,Potter,Carpenter,Leete,Bentley,Richardson,Bean,Leckenby,Mrs Blakeley
Wallinger,Smith,Mudd,?Lawton,?,Redhead, Dunning,?,Snowdon,Marshall,Medd,Dodsworth,Robson,Teasdale,Garbutt,England
HA07463 Helmsley Methodist School - 1973Mr Law, Andrew Russell, Neil Pindar, Steven Garbutt, Nicholas Waines, David Bowes, Peter Smith, ??, Mark Redhead, David France, ??, Mrs Blakeley
Sarah Wallinger, Sally Smith, Claire Snowdon, Amanda Dodsworth, Georgina England, Joanna Garbutt, Susan Teasdale
Georgina Mudd, Julia Lawton?, ??, ? Redhead, Katherine Dunning, ??, Julie Marshall, Julie Medd, Julie Robson
HA07464 Helmsley Methodist School - 1973Mr Law, Paul Deaves, David Waines, Andrew Leckenby, ??, Timothy Otterburn, Mark Pindar, ??, Adrian Theobold, Nicholas Waines
David France, Michael Dodsworth, Georgina England, Jennifer Austin, Susan Teasdale, Maire Wilson, Amanda Dodsworth, Katherine Smith, Mandy Smith, Mark Redhead, Peter Smith
Claire Snowdon, Joanna Garbutt, Daphne Scurr, Julie Medd, ??, Georgina Mudd, ? Redhead, Sally Smith, Andrew Russell
HA07465 Helmsley Methodist School - Summer 1970Paul Bean, David Grice, Nicholas Leete, Trevor Potter, David Teasdale, Peter Dowkes, David Richardson, Andrew Medd
Janette Redhead, Catherine Wray, Malcolm Snowdon, Mark Pindar, Shirley Wilson, Sheila Pyle, Elizabeth Shannon, Andrew Ventress, Martin Marshall, Jane Wallinger, Tracy Dunning
Paul Deaves, Jennifer Austin, David Waines, ??, Michael Dodsworth, Anne Thompson
HA07466 Helmsley Methodist School Building, 1963
HA07467 Helmsley Methodist School Building and Annexe, 1963
HA07890 Helmsley Methodist SchoolErnest Snowdon, Robert Bradley, Lesley Trousdale, Geoffrey Russell, Robin Teasdale, Ian Metcalfe, Frank Reynolds, Graham Robinson, Derek Bradley, Reginald Frankland
Geoffrey Humpleby, Hazel Teasdale, Jean Snowdon, Ann Mallory, Doris King, Shirley Teasdale, Hillary Smith, Enid Dunning, Eileen Thompson, Caroline Rivis, Robert Douthwaite
Christopher Dunn, Joan Leaming, Sheila Hartas, Janet Wilson, Maureen Milne, Betty Wright, Irene King, Freda Cowton, Maurice Gill
HA07893 Helmsley Methodist School - 1949Kathleen Maynard, Eva Sonley, Lily Snowdon
Audrey Bradley, Joan Kneeshaw, Ann Milne, Kathleen Snowdon, Dorothy Ward
HA07894 Helmsley Methodist School - 1964Includes Greenley, Otterburn, Smith, Ventress, Leckenby, Hawkings, Gray, Wray, Sharp, Patterson
Bentley, Wilson, Gill, Atkinson, Mountain, Bowes, Cornforth, Greenley, Petch, Moles, Beeforth, Almond, Austin, Palmer
Sharp, Smith, Beckwirth, Mrs Watson, Mrs Eccles, Mr Law, Law, Leckonby, Richardson, Wardell, Snowdon, Bentley, Buffoni
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